Events and Activities at our Lodge in Pagosa Springs

High Country Lodge - Announcements

1. Breakfast-to-go will be available from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM.
2. Reservations for the hot tub and sauna will have to be made at the front desk. 

Our fully-serviced property set against a gorgeous backdrop of the picturesque San Juan Mountains of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, is the perfect venue to play host to your events. Be it a much-awaited family reunion, a retreat, a club function, or ski trips, our venue can pull of any type of event with unwavering panache. 
The Pagosa Springs Visitor Center has more information on local activities, with contact numbers and websites.  Our knowledgeable reservations staff can also give you detailed information about our beautiful area.


Weddings High Country Lodge Cabins
Weddings High Country Lodge Cabins 3

Your perfect event. Our perfect backdrop.

Our beautiful wooded setting and expansive lawn are sure to provide the ideal backdrop to your big day. We, at High Country Lodge, are committed to turning your special day into unforgettable memories. Our dedicated staff will direct you to local businesses that will make your wedding planning easy, exciting and fun.

You can also choose to make area activity reservations and plan a host of activities or functions to entertain your guests or the couple. We will be more than happy to help! Contact us to find out more.

Family Reunions & Corporate Retreats

What better setting than the beautiful outdoors of our resort for your next family reunion or corporate retreat? The beautiful and expansive outdoor areas can be customized to suit your requirements, with tents available for rent locally in several sizes. You will find the environment to be a welcome change from the humdrum of the mundane. The gorgeous mountain views and the backdrop of the woods are sure to allow guests to loosen up, unwind, and get that much-deserved break from the routine!