Best Ski Mountains in Colorado

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Summer is drawing to a close, and here in Pagosa Springs, we couldn’t be happier. Each year, Colorado residents and visitors alike flock to the mountains for epic downhill runs in our state’s famous, sparkling powder. With our southern Colorado vantage point, High Country Lodge & Cabins is close to some of the best ski mountains in Colorado. Slightly warmer temperatures give us the best snow in Colorado—fluffy, not icy—so you can spend your days enjoying the most daring Pagosa Springs activities. Whether you prefer skiing, snowboarding, black diamonds, or bunny hills, you’ll never be disappointed with the ski mountains in Colorado.

Wolf Creek Ski Area

Right in our backyard is Wolf Creek Ski Area. They boast the most snow in Colorado at 430 natural inches and 1,600 skiable acres. The longest run at Wolf Creek Ski Area is two miles, so you’ll get in plenty of exercise during your day of snow sport fun. You’ll return to High Country Lodge & Cabins blissfully tired, and our comfortable accommodations and expertly cooked breakfast will leave you refreshed and ready for another day of Colorado skiing.

The size of the ski mountains in Colorado can be daunting, but there’s no need to worry! If you’re a beginner or need to brush up on your skills, Wolf Creek Ski Area offers both group and private ski lessons. The ski school is geared toward adults and children, so every visitor can benefit from the lessons.

Kendall Mountain Recreation Area

Kendall Mountain Recreation Area is a little farther away from High Country Lodge & Cabins, but it’s still a doable day trip. There are four groomed trails, a terrain park, and an ice skating rink for you to explore at this southern Colorado playground. This is a smaller, less crowded section of ski mountains in Colorado, so you’ll enjoy shorter wait times for the ski lift.

No Colorado ski trip would be complete without piping hot concessions. Try each Kendall Mountain run before heading inside for some hot chocolate and junk food. Nothing compares to ski chalet burgers and fries!

Silverton Mountain Ski Area

Silverton Mountain Ski Area is right by Kendall Mountain, but it’s an entirely different experience. Silverton Mountain is one of the expert-only ski mountains in Colorado. So if you’re interested in jumping out of a helicopter in a pair of skis, this is the place for you. There are no groomed runs or cut trails. It’s just you, your skis, and undisturbed nature.

However, you don’t have to be alone in the best snow in Colorado. Select from guided skiing, unguided skiing, and heli-skiing. A guided skiing group is approximately eight people. You can also purchase a heli-skiing package to match the number of days you’ll be skiing.

High Country Lodge Tubing Park

If you’re looking for more family-friendly fun, High Country Lodge operates our very own snow tubing hill! Unlike skiing, snow tubing requires no training or experience, so you can walk right out your door and onto our hill for a whole day of winter fun. If there’s snow on the ground, it’s time to put on your snow pants and race down the famous Colorado hills.

Pagosa Springs Comfort

The workout you get while skiing leads to the best sleep ever. That’s something High Country Lodge & Cabins supports wholeheartedly. Choose from elegantly rustic lodge rooms or fully stocked cabins for the most luxurious, comfortable vacation experience of your life. Call 800-862-3707 to book your southern Colorado adventure full of Pagosa Springs activities.