End your Summer on a High Note at one of the best hotels in Pagosa Springs!

End your Summer on a High Note at one of the best hotels in Pagosa Springs

Enjoy your end of the summer trip in one of the finest Pagosa Springs hotels, High Country Lodge & Cabins! Not only will you enjoy once in a lifetime adventures like hot air ballooning, but also traditional hike into the early leave changing days of the San Juan National Forest!

Hiking in Pagosa Springs!

Pagosa Springs’ natural beauty draws most visitors; however, many do not take the opportunity to explore the nature surrounding them closely! Experience the San Juan National Forest’s unique fauna and flora by hiking along a winding trail up a clear mountain stream shadowed by towering pines! Choose from any trails of varying terrain, geared to all skill levels and abilities. During your stay at High Country Lodge & Cabins, one of the oldest Pagosa Springs Hotels, you’ll make some unforgettable memories while hiking these beautiful neighboring trails:

If you’re planning a couple-hour hike, pack a day-bag with:

  • Water Bottles.
  • Rain gear.
  • A sweater.
  • Insect repellant.
  • A national forests’ map.
  • A light snack.

Ballooning over Pagosa Springs!

If you’re looking to fulfill your fantasy dream of flying, Pagosa Views can help you check that off your bucket list! Take this unique opportunity to defy gravity and soar over the towering pines and take-in the fall foliage! As you gently arise this great big world takes a new perspective! Watch for wildlife like deer, turkeys and other forest creatures, and as you ride the breeze over Pagosa Springs watch for majestic bald eagles and ospreys. Don’t let your acrophobia keep you from this magical hot air balloon ride! As you rise up, enjoy the views, and as long as you don’t look straight down the basket you’ll be fine! The captain is an expert and helps make you feel a part of the team as you help getting the balloon ready to go! You’ll learn that he is also very knowledgeable about Pagosa Springs, as you learn local fun facts that you may not hear elsewhere.

Color Fest Weekend

The Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Color Fest weekend at Pagosa Springs Town Park. Join the fun while you’re in town! The festivities begin with a Wine & Food Festival on Friday night and a Music & MicroBrew Festival on Saturday. After experiencing a hot air balloon flight, or if you’re still considering it, you won’t want to miss the mass balloon ascensions on both Saturday and Sunday morning! Overall the Color Fest weekend is a great event, to kick off or wrap up your Pagosa Spring vacation.

As you book your trip keep in mind that fall foliage is coming! There’s no better place than our cozy High Country Lodge & Cabins, unlike other Pagosa Springs hotels we’ll make your stay an ideal romantic getaway spot!