Autumn exploration of Colorado State Parks

Autumn exploration of Colorado State Parks

Make sure to book your fall getaway with High Country Lodge for the best Pagosa Springs lodging, to enjoy autumn’s vibrant foliage and unique wildlife sightings throughout Colorado State Parks. With fall foliage color-changes, comes big game hunting season, so stay alert as you explore. Pagosa Springs is the perfect spot to get away from the stress of everyday life!

Exploring Colorado State Parks and Wildlife

As the crisp fall breeze overtakes the lingering warm days, we like to remind residents and visitors to be bear aware while exploring our Colorado State Parks. Bears are beginning hyperphagia, which means they instinctually consume a ridiculous amount of food in preparation for hibernation. Even taking a stroll around High Country Lodge, you’ll likely meet animals out on the trails. The cooling winds and the various stages of Aspen erupt into vibrant hues of orange, yellow and red. The color defines the forest tree lines as the birds start the long journey of flying south. Under the trees, wildlife prepares for winter.

Hunting Season in Pagosa Springs, CO

If you’re strolling in the forest, make sure to wear neon-orange vests and caps. October kicks off big game hunting season, so be alert as you explore the forest. If you’re starting to plan your Colorado hunting trips, please keep in mind that you’re not alone in the woods. As the high spirited enthusiasm grows in the hearts of many hunters, much like the wildlife, time to store up food for winter is approaching. In other words, hunting season is coming. Early October hunters start setting base along the forests in Pagosa Country with a varied assortment of motorized vehicles, survival and hunting gear. Of all the places to stay in Pagosa Springs, CO, High Country Lodge‘s twenty-two cozy rooms and a full range of cabins makes it easy to see why they are the best Pagosa Springs lodging. Our rooms feature the convenience and amenities of home while placing you nearby some of the best hunting spots around. You won’t regret booking your Colorado hunting excursion with us!

After exploring Colorado State Parks and a relaxing stay at the best Pagosa Springs lodging, you’ll find that High Country Lodge is one of the greatest places to stay in Pagosa Springs, CO because of it’s outstanding amenities, casual lodge rooms, and comfortable private cabins.  Don’t wait any longer, book your Pagosa Springs getaway today!